The Northern Knight Batch

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A powerful bacteria destroyer inspired by antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients found in the Northern hemisphere. 

A trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in early 2018 led us to a Farmers Market (Marché Jean Talon) and subsequently a local soap bar that would inspire our latest After-Training Soap creation - “The Northern Knight Batch” - a powerful bacteria destroyer infused with antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients from the Northern hemisphere. 

A “Maple Syrup Soap Bar” - coaxed our curiosity and further research would lead us to learning of the 54 compounds within the sweet substance containing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  We’ve also added in two other sticky substances - Canadian Honey and Organic Pine Tar, whose piney scents and antiseptic properties paired well with the Pine needle oil we also sourced from Canada.  Another major ingredient in this batch is fresh Dragon’s Blood Extract - a crimson resin (lending its color to the bar) that has been used to heal wounds, both internally and externally, since the 1600’s.  We’ve also added in a 3-oil concoction of bacteria-killing Himalayan Cedar Wood, Phenol-charged Oregano, and our signature high-grade Australian Tea Tree.  A mineral-rich Alaskan Glacial Mud was then blended in to pull impurities from the skin while Marshmallow Root crumbs were infused to both moisturize and exfoliate any dead skin acquired during heavy training.  Winter is coming...

Other Active Natural Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Canadian Bee Honey, Australian Tea Tree Oil